Jumbotron Trailer LED HD Displays

High Resolution Video Display, Concert Quality Sound System homepage_jumbo

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Jumbotron Trailer LED HD Displays with Stage

High Resolution Video Display, Concert Quality Sound System, & Fold Out Stage with Green Room homepage_jumbo

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Indoor Video Walls

High Resolution, Quick Setup, Customizable Screen Sizes, High Refresh Rate.
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Solar Powered Message Centers

100% Solar Powered, Dual Sided, High Visibility, Remote Controlled Messages . Also offering DOT approved traffic control versions!wtrailerled3

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LED Display Sales

Built to your specifications, Full Color, Remote Controlled, High Resolution


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Learn more about how Mobile Technology Graphics can work for your next event, marketing campaign and more!

What We Do

  • Indoor & Outdoor Video Wall Displays Rentals

    Whether its outdoors or indoors, we have a display that will make your next event or production standout. We handle the rentals, leases, sales, and installations of the displays. No project is too small or too big from high school stadiums to professional athletic stadiums.

  • Solar Powered Displays & Equipment Rentals

    Our line of 100% solar powered LED message centers and security communications trailers are ideal for remote locations. Our solar powered message centers come in Red LED diodes for commerical use and amber LED diodes for DOT required projects. The solar powered security and communications trailer can hanlde a PTZ camera, communication equipment, weather station, LED spot lights and much more!

  • LED Sign & Display Sales

    No matter if you need a sign for outside your exisiting business or looking to bring that old video board alive in your stadium, Mobile Technology Graphics has a solution for you! Using only products approved and tested by our own LED engineers, we deliver unmatched quality to ensure your display is working properly when you need it most!

What We Help You With

We just don’t rent or sell you our products but consult with you on how to maximize your dollars spent! With over 15 years in the industry, we have seen many different projects come across our desks and we use this knowledge along with the desire to think out of the box to make sure your experience use a Mobile Technology Graphics product is the best possible!



What Our Clients Say

The Jumbotron was a big hit with fans, allowing them to watch all the races from start to finish. At the event, your staff was extremely professional and worked well with WPVI’s broadcast crew to coordinate the feed of the races to the giant screen. Your staff also produced a very attractive graphics package as part of the Jumbotron presentation.

I look forward to working with you and your team again.

Fran Connors
Aberdeen Dad Vail Regatta

  • 2013 UAB Hoops on the Haasephalt

    2013 UAB Hoops on the Haasephalt

    For the nearly 4,000 University of Alabama at Birmingham basketball fans that attended the event, they were greeted to our 11x17ft jumbotron display. We also provided the primary sound system through the standard onboard 4,000 watt EAW speaker system, and our integrated office suite for the video production crew to produce the video feed.

  • Penn State University

    Penn State University

    Penn State University was looking for a solution for a backdrop for an internal keynote speaker presentation. The goal was to display a live camera feed of the speaker on the backdrop behind the speaker. Our 4mm HD Video Wall was the perfect solution as it provided a crisp resolution as if it was a...

  • Dad Vail Regatta

    Dad Vail Regatta

    The Dad Vail Regatta displayed live feed from 6ABC of the historic regatta race onto the 9ft x 14ft jumbotron display to enhance the viewing experience for spectators. By utilizing the built in audio system within the trailer, spectators now where able to listen in on the commentary given by the reporters.

  • Charleston, S.C. Film Screening

    Charleston, S.C. Film Screening

    The town of Charleston S.C. has used our 11ftx17 Jumbotron HD Video Display at numerous film screenings throughout the town.

Our Products in Action

Our Products & Services

Outdoor Video Wall Rentals

Our outdoor video wall rentals includes  different sizes of trailer mounted Jumbotron screens. Our smaller, more compact unit features a 9 foot by 16 foot high resolution video display. The pixel spacing on this unit is True 6mm. It also includes a 1400 watt Eastern Acoustic sound system and a wireless microphone.  The next size up display features a 11ft x 17ft high resolution display. The pixel spacing on this display is 10mm real, 5 virtual with a 3400 watt Eastern Acoustic Line Array Sound System and a wireless microphone. Double the screen size of the 11x17ft displays, our 15ftx25ft jumbotron features a true 8mm pixel spacing giving it nearly a true HD pixel resolution.

We also offer 6mm outdoor stackable options that can be built up off the ground or flown from trussing.

Key Features:
  1. 100% Self Contained: Ultra Quiet Generator, Integrated Sound System

  2. High Resolution & High Refresh Rate Displays

  3. Quick Setup ~ Usually within 15-30 minutes

  4. Accepts virtually any signal input

Indoor Video Wall Rentals

Our indoor LED video wall units features resolution of either 2.5mm or 4mm with 2400 hertz refresh rate and 1400 nitts brightness.This display is scalable with each cabinet being 20inch squares.The size of your display is truly your imagination.We can also create specialty shaped displays to give your presentation and event the maximum wow factor.

Key Features:
  1. Truly Scalable

  2. 110 Volt Power is Required

  3. High Resolution Display

  4. Accepts Virtually any Signal Input

Message Center Rentals

 Our solar powered trailer mounted message centers are the perfect solution where temporary signage is required. The trailer is 100% self contained, and fits into one parking spot making them compact but effective. Different LED color options to choose from: Red LED diodes for marketing, facility safety, special event and Amber LED diodes for DOT specification projects.

Key Features:
  1. 100% Solar Powered

  2. Secured Remote Communications

  3. Double Sided

  4. Compact Trailer Design

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