Jumbotron HD Video Display Rental

The Big Screen HD, Full Color, LED rental trailer mounted  rental display unit with a 16x 9 viewing aspect ratio. We offer multiple different sizing options, a small compact unit with a display size of 6ft x 10ft with pixel spacing/resolution of 8mm/4mm virtual to 9ft x 14ft with a pixel spacing/resolution of 12mm/6mm virtual to  9ft x 16ft with a pixel spacing of 6mm real to  a larger display size of 11ftx17ft with 10mm/5mm virtual spacing and even larger to 19ft x 35ft with a pixel spacing of 10mm/5mm virtual.

Our newest designs feature a 15ft x 25ft HD True 8mm pixel spacing with an open air design that allows for setup in little as 10 minutes!

What does that mean for you and your clientele who view it?

It’s the forefront of quality in LED display & resolution.

In fact, it’s the most vivid screen on the market that’s similar to an HD television. But it’s not just the visuals that
‘sell’ this JumboTron full color LED trailer. It’s also very cost effective and affordable, with a concert sound system to back up the clear images it shows.

Our 9ft x 16ft displays also feature a fold out stage and built in greenroom that the entire unit (display & stage) can be setup in as little as 8 minutes! Please visit our jumbotron with fold out stage product page for more info!

As for playback, it’s supported with a LIVE video feed option straight from the production truck. Satellite TV is also available from DirecTv or Dish Network, as well as any local service provider. However, since it’s also ‘computer-compatible’ you can display anything you operate on a computer, such as a DVD, a flash card and your pictures, just to name a few.

This full color LED video trailer is ideal for any sporting events like Nascar and tailgate parties. However, it can also be used at corporate events or even as a personal feed for special occasions, like weddings, birthday parties, reunions or graduations. Raised 23 feet into the air with a self-contained trailer, it has a quiet generator on board and optional land power plug-ins.

So if you’re located along the Eastern U.S. seaboard (including Florida) and you need color and clarity – no matter what event you have planned – the full color LED trailer at MTG is worth examining. Contact us today to find out how this LED display can help you.

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